The Cuban Golden Club, New Project of Cuban Music

The Cuban Golden Club, New Project of Cuban Music
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13 February 2018
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The Cuban Golden Club is a new project that bets on the most genuine expression of the Cuban music and it was launched in Havana to both national and international media.

The initiative emerged out of the artistic ambitions of Santiago de Cuba’s composer Carlos Sanabia who managed to convene a group of outstanding artists of the Cuban music.

With the support of the Cuba’s Musical Editions and Recording Company (EGREM) as well as other cultural institutions in the country, The Golden Club includes in its roster singers like Pedro Calvo and Mario “Mayito” Rivera, former members of Los Van Van; Haila Maria Mompie, and Carlos Calunga, vocalist of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Eduardo “Tiburon” Morales and Pedro Lugo “El Nene” are the other star vocalists of the group. The band is also made up of well-known musicians such as bass player Lazaro “El Fino” Rivero —former member of Los AfroCuban Messengers led by Jesus “Chucho” Valdes; trumpet player Julio Padron; pianist David Alfaro, and drummer Pancho Terry, among others.

This new “All Star” of the Cuban music will release in the upcoming months the CD Pregones Dorados, an album containing a total of 12 tracks under the EGREM record label.

This press conference was held at the Central Park Hotel in Havana. The director Carlos Sanabia revealed that the international debut of the group will take place in Colombia, in May.

“This is a new proposal,” noted the members of the group, “to defend the unique traditions of the Cuban popular music, which has in the son musical style a fundamental rhythmic base.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz//CubaSi Translation Staff

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