“Health, Prosperity, and some Harmony do not Hurt” this New Year

“Health, Prosperity, and some Harmony do not Hurt” this New Year
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16 January 2018
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If we all “put this into practice,” if we follow that rule day after day, our life would be more pleasant and lasting for sure.

As usual, the congratulations abounded this New Year’s Eve. It happened in social networks, SMS, and all phrases dealt with “I wish you a successful year,” “health,” “some cash would be welcomed,” or “I hope all your dreams come true.”

However, I did not notice the word “HARMONY” in all this. This word means to get along very well with each other, to cope with life. Summing up, living with peace and ease in any of the walks of life: professional and personal.

Being in harmony is basically an individual’s need that means respect, an “essential” characteristic to feel closer to happiness, which translates into peace for those who, like me, have certain years in their bodies.

It is not possible to live in harmony if we are not pleased with ourselves. If we do not know how harmony is made of, you cannot build it, create it.

It is unlikely people living in hostile environments (violence, isolation, and underworld) can talk about it.

In this regard, parents are the major responsible. Their raising is paramount in the interest of promoting decency, harmony, and principles at home. Therefore, it is important to have concepts like honesty, arduousness, and solidarity.

Few days ago, a Cuban native told me after being abroad for three months in a European country that someone asked him: “What would you like to take from here?” His answer left everybody stunned as the man did not want anything material.

“I would take —he said— touches of what I have liked the most. For instance, the respect among neighbors, the education you see in the streets, the love for senior citizens, the care for animals, and the beauty of gardens where flowers remain intact.”

And while he was talking with tender about his experience, I dreamed of the possibility of enjoying these touches in our daily life.

People should always put themselves in someone else’s shoes. If it were to happen, most of our problems were solved. Why listening to loud music if it may bother my neighbors? Why making fun of an old lady that fell down in the street while carrying home a box of eggs? Why is it so difficult for some of us to give our bus seat to someone in need? The list is certainly endless and all against harmony.

That is why, this new year, besides wishing health and prosperity to all my friends, I will wish them harmony. That is the best way to build a better country.

Professor Lidia Turner Marti, a woman whose work ethic has led her to become a symbol for present and future generations, highlighted in her book El Pensamiento Pedagogico de Ernesto Che Guevara: “We sometimes insist with young people and adults on the humanitarian sense, the need to sympathize with other people’s pain.”

Later she added: “We could be willing to give our own life for other nation and, nonetheless, treat badly to our co-workers; or the professor who yell to students while scolding them; when professors or parent do not communicate enough with our children or students who need patience and help.

It is imperative to reflect on these issues and it would be a very good start in this 2018.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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