Trump: The Triumph of an Eventual Failure

Trump: The Triumph of an Eventual Failure
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28 December 2017
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A protest against the tax reform plan outside the Capitol in Washington DC, U.S. capital.

Miami Diario a website informed this Monday that the U.S. Congress approved "the largest cut of taxes in history", after giving the green light to the long expected tax reform.

The reform fueled by the president was passed after a last minute modification, due to an “error procedure” before its approval by the Senate.

The result of the voting was 224 republican votes in favor and 201 democrats against.

This way Republicans finished the largest tax cut in decades, said observers.

In a brief speech after the final vote, Trump remembered that he had promised a great cut of taxes for Christmas, something supposedly now fulfilled.

Next he pointed out: "I’d like to thank the members of the Congress who supported this historical bill that represents an extraordinary win for the families, the workers and the American companies”, in answer to the first integral tax reform in the United States since 1986.

The leader added: "By reducing taxes and reform the broken system, now we are pouring rocket fuel into the engine of our economy. The United States has won again, and we are growing like never before", and he rejoiced in his first legislative victory since his arrival to the White House.

Donald Trump thanked all those who made possible the passing of his tax reform, among them the republican Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as well as Senator Susan Collins.

Paul Ryan, president of the House of Representatives in his speech eulogized the leader and he even qualified his leadership as "exquisite."

On the other hand, the leader of the Higher Chamber, Mitch McConnell praised the president and assured that “he has put an end to the excess of regulation of the American economy”.

What was approved reduces significantly the contributions to the tax office.

Among the most controversial aspects, the legislation also revokes the command of individual insurance required by the sanitary reform of the former President Barack Obama since 2019, and it allows the drilling in a part of the National Wild Life Refuge of the Arctic.

Trump who has been pressing the Republicans of the Congress for months to achieve his first victory in the Legislative after several failures that still echo in Washington, has fulfilled a great tributary reform before the end of the year.

To this end, nevertheless, among other machinations, the republicans have had to resort to an unorthodox legislative technique to get to pass a legal reform of such proportions, or block any kind of obstruction from the democrats in the Senate, where conservatives have a very tight majority.

The democrats have assured that this measure will "destroy the country" and they have warned the republicans that they will "regret" what they have passed.

Observers remember that among Trump’s catastrophic failures appear, his intention of eliminating the well-known sanitary program best known as (Obamacare), to block the entrance to the country to millions of Muslims, and the most recent Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), among others.

Based on polls, several sources remember that Trump’s administration is the less popular ever in the United States in the last decades.

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