Reactions to UN Cuba Vote: Political leaders voice their support

Reactions to UN Cuba Vote: Political leaders voice their support
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2 November 2017
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Various reactions by political leaders in the southern hemisphere voice their support for the resolution calling on the U.S. to lift the blockade against Cuba.

Following the U.N. General Assembly vote that tallied 191 in favor of lifting the U.S. blockade on Cuba against a mere two in support of it, several heads of state and others weighed in on the aspirations of the international community.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro posted a message on his Twitter account which read: “A great victory for Cuba at the ONU, 191 governments and peoples of the world said no more blockade. Venezuela will always be with Cuba! Long live the Great Homeland!!”

Delcy Rodriguez, president of Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, ANC, tweeted: “The dignity of Cuba, once again, has defeated the criminal blockade against the Cuban people! Popular victory! No more blockade.

Speaking before representatives of member states at the General Assembly, U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said “the United States does not fear isolation in this chamber or anywhere else. Our principles are not up for a vote.” She added that her country “will stand for respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms that the member states of this body have pledged to protect, even if we have to stand alone.”

In response, Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned Haley's "disrespectful, interfering statement," saying "she is reflecting the tenor of U.S. politics today."

He stressed that the United States has no moral ground to stand on in its condemnation of the socialist island due to its “flagrant violation of human rights,” citing the arrest and deportation of minors and undocumented immigrants; the killing of African-Americans by U.S. police; the lack of guarantees for education and healthcare and restrictions on union organization; and the refusal of U.S. companies to sell life-saving medical supplies to Cuban healthcare services.

Delegate after delegate called for the end of the blockade, highlighting the progressive and positive role Cuba plays in the international community.

Even prior to the vote, Evo Morales, president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, tweeted, “The criminal blockade has not impeded Cuba from being an example of solidarity. Long live Cuba!”. Morales later said on Twitter: "The peoples of the world are with Cuba. 191 against 2 is Cuba's leadership. Solidarity prevails before the pettiness of the empire."

Adding her voice in support former Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba also said on Twitter: "If blocking an island and trying to subdue it with hunger and need is not a crime against humanity, then what is? # NoMoreBlockade #Cuba".

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