Fournier: Mastery in World’s Silver Rowing

Fournier: Mastery in World’s Silver Rowing
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12 October 2017
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Angel Fournier (December 31, 1987). Ebony Tower (6’6, 220 pounds) stormed into the world elite in the World Cup held in Banyoles, Spain 2009. He has recently won his second silver medal in Sarasota-Bradenton and thus he ratified his sport expertise.

The native of Caimanera recorded 7:15.600 in the 2000m back then in Spain and ended fourth behind experienced Alan Campbell (GBR -7:05.600), Olaf Tufte (NOR -7:07.800), and Tim Maeyens (7:09.520).

Time has passed and Fournier, besides being the sole Cuban rower in winning medals at the highest competitive level (silver medal in South Korea 2013; bronze medal in Amsterdam 2014), shows once again his skills as one of the best single scull rowers in the world.

Now in U.S., the Czech Ondrej Synek (6:40.640) was his bête noir this time. We are talking about a man who has won 3 Olympic medals and 11 in World Championships.

It is important to highlight that during the final competition, Fournier was leading the event with a partial time of 3:19.900 versus Synek’s 3:20.050 in the first 500m. British Thomas Barras ended 3rd this time with (6:45.140).

From that moment on, the Czech —as an old fox and outstanding rower— knew how to control his rowing rhythm and advantaged the Caribbean in more than 3 seconds. Fournier had won consecutive silver medals in the World Cup stages held in Poland and Switzerland behind New Zealander Robert Manson.

That is precisely one of the elements Angel Fournier has improved with time: to distributing better his energy in harmony with every segment of the competition or the quality level.

Being in the top of this sport discipline, even though he has not been able to win any Olympic medal, are signs of his strength and legacy.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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