Florida: Rebellion of black women?

Florida: Rebellion of black women?
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31 August 2017
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As the Ku Klux-Klan shows its head again in U.S., those women rise up against measures that have humiliated them for years.

They bring to light the racism imposed on them whenever they need medical assistance, generally very insufficient.

MiamiDiario website said Wednesday that members of that South Floridian community would hold a so-called invisible Round Table.

In them they plan to denounce the racism prevailing in their health system.

The aforementioned activity will take place in a neighborhood in Miami, a week before the state Legislature begins its debates on health expenditures.

Regarding this last issue, experts have noticed that black women would remain “invisible” in the debates.

That’s why, Miami Diario reports, its activists will promote in September a chain of events to say “No more”.

Those events will seek to highlight the racial effects of certain policies and the need for South Florida lawmakers to defend the black community.

Right now, the lawmakers will go on vacation until September 5.

“We hope they will return to Washington knowing that they make health plans unconnected with the needs of our community.”

Thus claimed Janet Barrett, who works for both Medicare and Medicaid, allegedly destined to millions of poor and disabled people.

It is in such a scenario that Florida’s black women decided to urge lawmakers to stop the deep and systematic contempt that has overwhelmed them.

Titanic mission in a country devoured by selfishness, frivolity and its ardent worship for money.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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