Pinar thrives (+ Photos)

Pinar thrives (+ Photos)
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18 July 2017
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The city of Pinar del Rio is today an unstoppable revelry. People are painting, collecting the garbage, putting up posters, fixing things, or just remodeling façades.

Clean, beauty, and fixed up are perhaps epithets too simple to label a city that proudly gets ready to celebrate the July 26th festivities.

Fidia OK

Playground adjacent to the Milanes Theater, restored by Fidia Project

Parque José Martí en Pinar del Río OK

Jose Marti Park, another work restored to celebrate the July 26th festivities

Pinar del Rio is not that forgotten place of decades ago. On the contrary, men and women command our admiration these days as they work relentlessly in the Revolution Square, or the recently restored Marti Park, or the Milanes Theater —top place in Pinar del Rio´s culture.

Everything seems too little to Pinar del Rio´s men and women. Too many years have passed for them without being granted the venue of such an important event. Their mood rose up into the sky and everything seems just fine right now. When is this over? Nobody knows, but they will not stop until the 26th.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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