What can we see in Trinidad, Cuba?

What can we see in Trinidad, Cuba?
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11 July 2017
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Trinidad is a very interesting city of Cuba. Its colonial architecture is one of the best-conserved. Besides, it is rich in history, color, and traditions.

In this summer of 2017, we can confirm that this village and the Vinales Valley —in the Western side of the country— are the two most popular resorts solicited by individual tourists.

Therefore, let’s recall places and essential activities carried out in this village. According to TripAdvisor —website providing travel-related content—, there are several proposals with which we fully coincide.

This website places Mayor Square as the top place in Trinidad, followed by Ancon Beach, Caburni small waterfall, the Mayor Parish Church of the Holy Spirit, and the Valley of the Sugar Mills.

It is also proposed nightclubs, the Saint Francis of Assisi Convent, the Romantic Museum, the Manaca-Iznaga Tower, and the Cespedes Central Park.

The website also recommends the History Museum of the Municipality, the Cuban Park, the Architecture Museum, the Palenque de los Congos Reales and the Museum of Colonial Architecture.

The list is pretty long as it also includes the art gallery Yudit Vidal Faife, bars, and dance clubs like Casa de la Trova, Ayala nightclub, or the Trinidad’s Floridita.

Not to mention the art gallery and souvenir Basso, the Hanabanilla dam, among other things.


The old side of the village amazes people due to its river stones in the streets, allowing you to go back in time, like a brief trip to the past.

Nonetheless, the city is now being restored with renew enthusiasm to host a greater number of tourists while preserving Trinidad’s history and charms.

Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) in Trinidad have stated that the city’s future will be brilliant, especially after a wise development program.

These projects meet the Cuban government strategy of fostering the entertainment industry of the country.

The city of Trinidad has several attributes with high heritage values and includes seven beaches, twenty-three dive sites as well as patrimonial and cultural institutions.

The city belongs to the province of Sancti Spiritus, which is its capital city.

The award UNESCO World Heritage Site is shared with the Valley of the Sugar Mills, which treasures more than 500 years of history.

A five-star hotel with 52 rooms (Pansea de Trinidad) is being built right now and offers bright future.

The Hotel Encanto Palacio Iznaga is also being built in downtown Trinidad with 41 rooms. Besides, Hotel La Ronda will expand its room number from 17 to 30.

The expansion project includes Grand Hotel Iberostar Trinidad, a five-star hotel managed by Cubanacan Group in a joint venture with Iberostar Group from Spain.

However, Trinidad’s most developed area regarding tourism is located in the Ancon peninsula, in the South coast.

Cubanacan Group will run in 2018 a new five-star hotel named Buena Vista with 100 rooms and will be linked to the Hotel Ancon.

The Hotel Ancon itself will be revamped and improved to a four-star hotel.

Hotel Maria Aguiar will be in the same area and will boast 437 rooms.

But the area has much more development projects for tourism; for instance, a Water Park, and a Golf Campus with real estate consultants.

These projects are planned for 2030. To that date, Trinidad will have 10, 957 rooms. Today, contracts between the private sector and travel agencies are strengthened.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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