U.S.-Freedom of Press: Plummeting

U.S.-Freedom of Press: Plummeting
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30 June 2017
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Another example on how gradually this sort of freedom is disappearing in the United in States. Thus was reflected this Wednesday an article appeared in the New Herald: “Trump excludes the Press.”

Written by Daniel Morcate who that Donald Trump's distrust towards the media has skyrocketed after it burst the supposed Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

The President hardly offers conferences or interviews afraid of being questioned on the topic, indicates Morcate.

In extreme moments, he adds, some reporter demands aloud if he is under investigation for obstruction of justice or for establishing an alliance with the Kremlin.

From time to time he invites to the White House anchormen from Fox & Friends, the far-right program of Fox Network.

In fact, Morcate clarifies, they are public relationships officials “who disguise themselves as journalists, and work as a speaker and make their act of contrition.”

He says that the Department of Communications of the Presidency “goes adrift”, busier in twisting the truth rather than informing North Americans.

Especially when Trump’s political capital and popular support weakens.

In this scenario, he stressed, there is also the setback of the presidential spokesman, Sean Spicer who has wasted his credibility “defending the outbursts and lies of his boss.”

His press conferences as well as those of his second in command, Sarah Huckabee Sanders grow shorter every time. What’s the reason?

They take place without television cameras neither photographers, and recording audios is even banned.

In Washington rumor has it that the current Administration lacks a communication strategy.  

But, Morcate estimates, “I believe it has one”, a constant banning of propaganda and distorting truth and reality.

Observers highlighted that a good example of this was the recent speech against Cuba given by Donald Trump in Miami.

Morcate defines it, to prevent Americans to identify their mistakes and excesses while they support the Government.

Also to undermine people's trust in the information and in the professionals working with it who happen to be the journalists.

Together with it, “to allow the governing body to break laws, to spread corruption, to lie and manipulate the public opinion.”

The systematic deceits Trump and his advisers pull, ends Morcate, hit the very essence of our democracy.

He is absolutely right.

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