Trump in Miami: More Stupid Power than ever

Trump in Miami: More Stupid Power than ever
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19 June 2017
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Last Friday, Donald Trump —president of the US— suddenly interrupted all the normalization process in the relationship between Cuba and the US initiated by Barack Obama in December 2014. It all occurred in an event held at a certain annexionists den in Miami. Trump announced his bet on the regression to the times of open hostility against the island, put into practice by former US presidents for more than 50 years.

Several press releases had announced some measures that the head of state formalized with a speech full of rhetoric and support to the most reactionary members of the Cuban-American community in Miami like Marcos Rubio or Mario Diaz-Balart. The Stupid Power, as labeled by the young Cuban historian Elier Ramirez to the Trump policy, was explicitly showed that day. The offenses, arrogance and pride substituted the possible path of respect, cooperation, and understanding between the two governments, a possibility being explored and Trump has just closed that door.

The repeatedly annexionists’ signs of an auditorium composed mostly of Cuban-Americans were as offensive as the presidential speech itself. While Trump repeated again and again his demagogic stance on a Free Cuba, they cheered freely USA USA USA…

Summing up, after such imperial verbosity, what did Trump say? He suspended the former administration last agreement. He promised to strengthen sanctions —which are certainly a sophisticated policy of commercial and financial aggression as the blockade causing pain to a whole people. He also suggested he will be stricter with his citizens’ travels, and he demanded changes in the island…

Who are the most affected? In a recent article published in his personal blog /La pupila insomne/, Cuban analyst Iroel Sanchez pointed out some: the private and emerging sector, highly benefitted with the agreements fostered by Obama, and American travelers —once again deprived of their right to know and enjoy Cuba as any other country.

Sanchez also highlighted that “according to democratic values, the fact that one man —Marco Rubio, some people say Trump is grateful for his attacks to the Obamacare— has more influence than most of the American people (75% of people support the policies Trump wants to reverse). It is not a good example of democracy for Cubans. The latter will get noticed not by the “regime propaganda”, but their relatives in Miami.”

Trump’s stance ignores most of the public opinion and spokesmen of the political system of that country. They have recently criticized the suspension of the last agreement signed by Cuba and the US.

That is the case of James Williams, president of the Engage Cuba Coalition, interviewed by Prensa Latina. He stated that the policy of Donald Trump was clearly drawn up by a person who has never been in Cuba, at least not in this century.

Patrick Leahy, Sen. Vermont, released a statement on Friday where he described Trump’s decision as empty regression that hit the American freedom to travel, the American national interest, and the people of Cuba.

California congresswoman Barbara Lee wrote in Twitter: “What a bad decision. We worked so hard to re-open ties to Cuba.”

He did not only address Cuba in his speech. He also attacked the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

To Cuban citizens, this is not a new stance. It is the same and old failed arrogant policy that the US has successively attempted to reverse our political process. This time, as it has happened before, the US will find a wall of resistance and dignity with the commitment and legacy of Fidel to continuing improving our Revolution and socialism.

Trump, don’t ever let the same dog to bite you twice with Cuba.

*Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff*

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