Ileana-ultra Venezuelan: Shared Slap in the Face

Ileana-ultra Venezuelan: Shared Slap in the Face
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9 June 2017
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Now before a very favorable event for Caracas and adverse for the flood of lies that Washington directs against it.  

It’s the agreement signed between Venezuela and the famous investment and securities group Goldman Sachs.

The New Herald journalist, Catalina Ruiz Parra, said that this powerful institution bought 2,800 million dollars in funds to the Venezuelan Central Bank.  

At a speech given by Ros-Lehtinen last Wednesday at the Capitol of Washington she was really harsh with the deal.

She asserted that, any money injection like that, “it’s irrational” and it won't benefit Venezuelans"  

On the contrary, she added, it will fill the government's arks; it will be used to abuse of the people and remain in power."

According to Ileana, the purchase of the funds issued by the state-owned company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for which it paid around 865 millions, "keeps Maduro alive".

She also highlighted a significant point of view when she estimated that private sectors are not the only ones supporting Maduro.

Then, the twice small lawmaker dared say that, sadly, Donald Trump also help the government of Caracas allowing the purchase of raw Venezuelan petroleum.

She remembered that in 2016 Venezuela was the third petroleum supplying country to the United States, behind Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Also in the first trimester of 2017 the exports of Venezuelan raw petroleum to the United States surpassed the 3,500 million dollars.

Amid such turmoil, Ros-Lehtinen made a call so that economic transactions like these are avoided.

However, it doesn't seem an easy task. For what reason?

The Goldman Sachs Group sent an interesting note to the Spanish news agency EFE that read:

“We recognize that the situation in Venezuela is complex and changing, but as others in the sector, we believe that it will improve with time."

Who are those thinking in that way? The CEOs of one of the most important investment and securities entities worldwide, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Founded in 1869, among their main officials appear three Secretaries of the Treasure of the United States like Henry Paulson who served under Bill Clinton's and George W. Bush’s administrations.

The main headquarters for the Sachs Group is based in Manhattan, New York.

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