Survey: Most US Soldiers Prefer Donald Trump as President

Survey: Most US Soldiers Prefer Donald Trump as President
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18 August 2016
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Republican candidate, Donald Trump, exceeds by 10 points (51-41 percent) to Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, regarding voting intentions of the American soldiers in general and their relatives, a survey released today stated.

However, about 80 percent of African Americans working in the armed forces prefer the former Secretary of State, while 16 percent of them are in favor of the real estate magnate.

The survey, conducted by NBC News and Survey Monkey consulting agency, showed that something similar happens with Spanish soldiers. About 52 percent of them would vote for Clinton in the November election and 37 percent would do it for Trump.

For its part, nearly 58 percent of those soldiers prefer the New York businessman, while 34 percent want the former Secretary of State as a president of the United States. Among women,49 percent would choose Clinton and 43 percent prefer Trump, according to the poll.

Those pollsters state that the Republicans usually have good reception among soldiers and their relatives. Red party candidates triumphed over blue party aspirants by double digits in the last presidential elections.

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