Capitalist Counteroffensive in Latin America Rejected in Havana

Capitalist Counteroffensive in Latin America Rejected in Havana
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3 May 2016
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Trade unionists and social activists rejected in this capital the capitalist counteroffensive which takes place in Latin America.

Such counter-offensive threatens peace and stability in the region, said the Cuban leader Ulises Guilarte at the opening speech of the International Solidarity Meeting with Cuba and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Guilarte also stated that the desire of neoliberal power is part of a growing globalization that violates the most basic rights of workers.

Proof of this is the growth of the informal jobs and the levels of poverty, as well as discriminatory practices, reflecting the current unjust international order, he said.

The International Solidarity Meeting takes place in the Convention Center in Havana and is attended by over 1.000 delegates from 34 countries.

The secretary of the CTC noted that the Cuban Revolution, which began in 1959, owes much to international solidarity.

Solidarity is one of the most noble and altruistic feelings of any nation, Guilarte said, and added that solidarity is a form of regional integration.

Cuba is the result of the solidarity of its Latin American and Caribbean brothers, who have always supported our causes, as the fight for the elimination of the economic blockade that the United States imposed against Cuba more than half a century ago, Guilarte said.

We stand in solidarity with the noble causes, and today we condemn the economic war and attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and its president, Nicolas Maduro, Guilarte said.

'We also support the nation of Brazil and its president, Dilma Rousseff, and we also support other countries in the region and the world, which are victims of cruel capitalist policies', Guilarte said.

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