US Republican Governor Rejects Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners to USA

US Republican Governor Rejects Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners to USA
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29 April 2016
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Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, asked Congress today to oppose the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo naval base to the US territory.

Haley told the members of a homeland security panel in the Senate that the proposals to take those prisoners to a military facility in Charleston would drastically affect the local economy and make that city more vulnerable to terrorist violence.

The state government might be paid any amount of money, and anyway we won't shelter those terrorists because it we do so there won't be a single business wanting to invest in a state that shelters those people, and no one would go there on vacations, said Haley, considered a rising Republican figure.

There are 80 inmates in the so-called Gutmo prison of the Guantanamo naval base, some 46 of them considered too dangerous.

Since he took office in January, 2009, Obama has tried to close the Gitmo prison, but the Republican opposition blocked all initiatives he has presented in this regard.

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