The world demands end of US blockade against Cuba

The world demands end of US blockade against Cuba
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30 January 2022
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Cuban officials and websites called for an international day today for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against this Caribbean nation for almost six decades.

The web portal Cuba vs. Blockade, a platform created to denounce Washington’s unilateral policy, from its Twitter account launched the invitation to the initiative that is in favor of the bridges of love between both nations.

“From Santa Clara (a city in the center of Cuba) and Bayamo (east), and in different cities around the world, the call will be heard once again: #EliminaElBloqueo,” the message underlines.

As part of the initiatives rejecting the unilateral siege, the website of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples announced the beginning of the “Tons of Solidarity against the Blockade” campaign, launched by the 57 organizations that cooperate with the Caribbean island in the Spanish state.

A container with medical and orthopedic material has already left Barcelona for the national territory as a result of months of collection of donations, work that will continue with the delivery of various loads through different ports.

Next February 3 will be the 60th anniversary of the signing by the then US President, John F. Kennedy, of Executive Order 3447, which made the blockade official as a legal instrument against Cuba.

The imposition of the policy sharpened the hostility of the northern government against the Cuban Revolution, triumphant in 1959, which had already faced economic coercion and the rupture, by Washington, of diplomatic relations, in January 1961.

Since November 24, 1992, the General Assembly of the United Nations pronounces itself against the measure, starting with an almost unanimous vote in favor of its elimination.

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