Will Luis Almagro dance to the tune of Otaola?

Will Luis Almagro dance to the tune of Otaola?
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7 May 2020
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The decline of the Anti-Cuban propaganda will reach another level when Luis Almagro, OAS Secretary General, and John Barsa, acting USAID manager, appear on a political vaudeville led by influencer Alexander Otaola, based in Miami.


As announced by the host himself in his TV show Hola! Ota-Ola, these two top officials in the US government — let’s not forget Almagro is an ordinary pawn of Pompeo — will be given the honor today — May 7th — of shattering into pieces the remaining credibility of the organizations both of them represent.


According to the host, the participation of these personages in this “important event will boost all the ongoing efforts from the exile to foster Cuba’s freedom” and “the goal is to refute once and for all the fake theory of the US embargo on Cuba.”


The special broadcasting entitled “Cuba and COVID-19,” to be broadcasted live on Cubanos por el Mundo channel, aims for “providing a detailed and crystal-clear explanation to the people of Cuba that all the hardship and limitations they are suffering have nothing to do with the US blockade or embargo, but the leaders ruling the country.”


That is to say, strengthening the Anti-Cuba propaganda through blatant lies spread by Florida Senator Marcos Rubio with the consent of the White House. The message, by the way, has no meaning at all if we take into account this simple question: If “all the hardship and limitations the people of Cuba is suffering have nothing to do with the US blockade or embargo, but the leaders ruling the country…” Why isn’t the US Congress lifting the blockade?


In a show devoted to propaganda on coronavirus in Cuba, the issue of “Cuban medical missions” is going to be addressed for sure. This subject, in times of pandemic, is of great concern to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, much more than the 70.000 dead people and the almost 1,3 million individuals testing positive for Covid-19 in America.


Unless the acting USAID administrator John Barsa gets into details about why isn’t reallocated yet the huge amount of money this entity spends annually in paying for the subversion against Cuba to ease the effects of Covid-19 in his country — as his nation is the world epicenter —, he will have nothing to add in a TV show whose purposes are to promote the US blockade against Cuba, to fuel hatred between the Cuban community living abroad and their relatives in Cuba, and to demonize Cuban artists or even to encourage terrorism on daily basis.


By the way, now that the world of politics seems to be a cheap cabaret and the so-called hysterical influencer, wearing turbans and imitation jewelry, works as spokesman of top officials in the US government, Ota-Ola’s well-known guests shall not ignore the denounces made, these days, by the influencer living in the island, Alex Guerrero, on the relation of Otaola with the recent attack carried out against the Cuban embassy in the United States.


All in all, unless Almagro turns into Carmen Miranda — something we should not rule out taking into account the new platform of the OAS Secretary — and delights us with a wonderful hip dance, his attendance and the presence of others in such vaudeville, just prove everybody right: the obedience of this sort of TV shows to the utmost backward and fascist behavior of the Anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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