What Was Googled in the World and Cuba in 2023?

What Was Googled in the World and Cuba in 2023?
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1 January 2024
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As a tradition for more than two decades, Google revealed the most searched topics this year that ends.

This information can undoubtedly be a good compass, especially considering that this search engine is the most used in the world. More than 90% of global users, who are around 5 billion Internet users, turn to Google looking for information, products, services or entertainment, among other alternatives.

And these users in 2023 positioned the three most searched news items: The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the submersible that imploded in June while en route to the remains of the Titanic, and the devastating earthquakes that devastated Turkey and Syria in February.

The most searched person on Google was Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills football player who suffered cardiac arrest on the field due to a blow received during the game.

The actor Jeremy Renner also attracted attention when he seriously accidented with a snowplow early in the year, while actor Matthew Perry and the famous Tina Turner also appeared among the main searches, but the latter referred to the deaths of artists.

In the movies section, Barbie and Oppenheimer were the most searched, while Shakira ended first in terms of inquiries on the topic of music.
And what was sought regarding Cuba?

When Googled about the main news queries referring to the search term Cuba https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?cat=16&geo=CU&q=Cuba during these 12 months indicated at that time that they were: Cuba 2023 elections, latest weather forecast for Cuba and breaking news Cuba 2023.
Regarding the search term Cuba, in general, the related queries that were increasing were related to the Official Gazette, the list of approved paroles, the elections, Cuba Vs Australia in the classic and also the latest weather report.
Two issues associated with the sports topic stood out in the main queries: baseball Cuba and Cuba classic, while among those that showed an increase indicated Cuba in the World Baseball Classic and Cuba Vs Australia in the Classic, among others.

For the Companies and Industries category, the main searches were related to Correos de Cuba, Minjus, Shipments Cuba and Mipymes.

In Employment and education, which are presented as a unit, the inquiries on the web revolved mainly around: Mined, cubaeduca.cu, Literacy Campaign, 6th grade reading book. degree and Mipymes.

Regarding the finance category associated with Cuba, the main queries on the web were linked to the word dollar and those that showed an increase were about: retirement in Cuba 2023, tax on personal income and sale of MLC on the black market .

The main image searches regarding Cuba were on the map of the Island, that of Santiago de Cuba and that of Havana.

On YouTube, the searches about Cuba classified as main by Google referred to: Cuba today, Cuba news and Santiago de Cuba.

The aforementioned are not stationary results, as could be verified, and since it’s not possible to specify from them what queries and searches are actually made by Cubans, CubaSí redirected its enquiry to Generative Artificial Intelligence.

But its response was a complete surprise: “The topics most searched by Cubans on Google in 2023 are not available in the source I consulted. However, I can provide you with a list of the most listened to songs in Cuba in 2023 1: Mawell - La Triple M, BEBESHITO – Hacha, Si Quisieras, Jacob Forever x Dany Ome x Kevincito el 13 - La Ley…

After finishing up to tenth place, the Bing ChatBot very politely noted: “I hope this has been useful to you. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

I simply chose not to answer.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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