WBC: Pool C (+ Schedule)

WBC: Pool C (+ Schedule)
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9 March 2023
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The opportunity to advance to round two for baseball teams in 2023 World Baseball Classic Pool C are wide open. The U.S. is undisputable favorite, but the other teams have similar chances for the second ticket.

In addition to playing at home, the WBC current champions boast stronger roster than Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and Great Britain.

The U.S. captain is Mike Trout, three-times MVP in the American League. Other names also stand out and they are: Clayton Kershaw, three-times Cy Young award-winner in the National League, Paul Goldschmidt, current MVP in the National League, and Mookie Betts, 2018 MVP in the American League.

This is the only national baseball team with a roster full of major leaguers, boasting stars even in the managerial staff, where legend Ken Griffey Jr excels as hitting coach.

To advance to round two together with the U.S., teams like Mexico, Canada, and Colombia are pretty even.

Of them, Mexico — with the possible contribution of its captain LHP Julio Urias (Los Angeles Dodgers, 49W-17L, 2.82 ERA in MLB) — has greater options.

Besides, the Mexican roster also boasts Austin Barnes (Dodgers), Cuban Randy Arozarena (Tampa Bay Rays), and Patrick Sandoval (Los Angeles Angels). On paper, this team looks like a pretty well-balanced team.

Meanwhile, team Colombia is back again in a World Baseball Classic without that impressive pitching staff that helped them excelled in the previous edition. However, this team still has a very talented generation of young arms led by Nabil Crismatt (San Diego Padres), third baseman Urshela (Angels), and Harold Ramírez (Tampa). If they are able to maintain that team chemistry showed in the last Caribbean Series, they may well get the ticket for next round.

Freddie Freeman, 2020 MVP in the National League and current first baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the star of team Canada. This is a founding team of WBC, but they have not stood out in previous editions as Canada is not a balanced team. This time is no different, but they may perhaps advance to round two.

Finally, Great Britain will debut in this competition with Troyce Thompson, outfielder of Los Angeles Dodgers as its leading star. They have few options to advance.

Pool C schedule (Cuban time zone):

March 11:    México-Colombia, 12:30

                    United States-Great Britain 19:00

March 12:    Canada- Great Britain, 12:00

                    United States -México 19:00

March 13:    Great Britain -Colombia, 12:00

                    United States -Canada 19:00

March 14:    Colombia-Canadá, 12:00

                    México- Great Britain, 19:00

March 15:    Canada-México, 12:00

                           Colombia-United States, 19:00

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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