Voices Raise in Colombia to Remove Cuba from U.S. List

Voices Raise in Colombia to Remove Cuba from U.S. List
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24 September 2022
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“Nothing would be more incoherent in the foreign policy of the United States that, while fully supporting the process of Total Peace in Colombia, Cuba remains without any basis or evidence on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism,” the Movement stated in a communique.


It stressed that this designation implemented by the US Department of State generates severe consequences for the Cuban people to meet their basic needs, in addition to the infamous and criminal blockade imposed on them.


“We support President Gustavo Petro’s rejection of the unfounded and unjust designation of Cuba as an alleged sponsor of terrorism, the result of the pernicious complicity and express request of the Colombian State headed by the infamous former President Iván Duque,” the MCSC pointed out.


We do not doubt that, with the steps taken before the United States by the government led by Petro, the State, and the Colombian people, it will be possible to repair that injustice, make amends to Cuba, and support its people.


This action has a high significance to re-establish and deepen the relations between the Governments and peoples of Colombia and Cuba, “with which we united by deep cultural and historical ties,” the Movement concluded.


Petro himself on Friday described Cuba’s inclusion in the US list as an “enormous international injustice.”

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