Visiting Cuba: Much More Than Sun and Beach

Visiting Cuba: Much More Than Sun and Beach
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24 May 2022
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The recently ended 40th International Tourism Fair, held in Varadero had a very large and significant participation, and ratified that tourism in Cuba is doing well, and will do even better.

This was ratified by the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, in the meeting, where he also assured that it will mark a before and after for this Island in the so-called leisure industry.

This happens after two years of pandemic, in which tourism was on a hiatus all over the world, now that important sector is beginning to revive, and it’s also doing so in Cuba.

Good examples of this, with a significant impact for our economy, are the business and investment opportunities in the sector that opened the event, as well as the agreements signed with tour operators, businessmen, hotel chains and airlines, all coming to Cuba with the interest of verifying the security, hospitality and other benefits that distinguish tourism in this Caribbean paradise.

And if that weren’t impact enough, it’s added that also during the meeting the opportunity was given, at the Suppliers Fair, to identify opportunities for the tourism industry in the national market with a view to substituting imports, highlighting the role that new economic players can occupy and, at the same time, the possibility of make real those necessary productive links needed so much today.

No wonder at the opening ceremony, led by the Cuban President and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, strengths that accompany tourism on this Island were highlighted, like the hygienic-sanitary conditions that exist here as a result of the control of the pandemic and the privilege of having our own vaccines.

The Voice of Data

Even though FitCuba represents a turning point for the leisure industry on Cuba, some time before tourism here had already spread its wings. Also considering these advances, the minister of the branch, Juan Carlos García Granda, assured: «We are optimistic and we trust in the recovery of the sector in the shortest term».

Position the Destination Cuba

"It’s our mission to position Cuba as destination for excellence in its services," exhorted García Granda, who announced that the destinations of Havana, the keys, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba, among others, are already being reactivated with greater vitality.

In particular, he highlighted the potential of Cayo Largo del Sur, a renewed destination whose main attractions include its beaches "acknowledged among the best and most preserved in the world," he said.

Security, culture, and friendliness are attributes that have been and can be verified by those who decide to do tourism in Cuba, where its patrimonial and also natural values ​​are unique attractions.

Added to such virtues is the environmental management carried out by the tourism sector in Cuba, which also constitutes a point in favor for the positioning of this activity.

On these good environmental practices, the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA), Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, referred to how these purposes are inserted in the Tarea Vida Project, and also to the importance of sustainability in tourism Cuban and the circular economy.

International experts and authorities have also recognized and promoted the development of sustainable tourism in Cuba. This is the case of the secretary general of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Rodolfo Sabonge, one of the speakers at the Sustainable Tourism Event, which came before FitCuba.

On the subject of the environment and sustainable tourism, there are many arguments that contribute to the good positioning of Cuba as a destination. Among them is the maintenance, conservation, and rehabilitation of beaches; the combined waste management system in tourist centers (Ecotures project), and the use of renewable energy sources, among others.

Our country is the founder of the Special Committee for Sustainable Development of the AEC and, together with Citma, is preparing to deploy the project "Integration of the conservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of climate change in the sustainable development of tourism in Cuba”.

By the way, the Tourism official had said that "it’s not just about adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change, but also making our countries and tourist destinations more resilient, more sustainable and more competitive."

No wonder that fair, the largest tourist exchange in the country, had sustainability as its main core.

Other Attractions

In addition to sun and beach, which are undoubtedly among the main attractions of this geography, our culture, gastronomy, rums and cigars, sailing, diving, its history, traditions, and heritage values ​​are also added to the list of benefits that color tourism in Cuba.

The peculiarity of the Cuban is also one of the singularities that distinguish us and attracted so many participants to this latest edition of FitCuba, with the assistance of more than 6 thousand professionals from 54 countries, 17 foreign hotel chains, 38 airlines, 254 tour operators and travel agencies, 98 suppliers, 116 representatives of private businesses and authorities of five international civil aviation organizations, among other participants.

Dedicated to the cultural heritage of this Island, Havana will host next meeting of this sort, from May 2-5, 2023, a year that, as Marrero Cruz assured and with everyone's efforts, will be the year of full recovery of the leisure industry in Cuba.

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