U.S.-Russian talks conclude in Geneva

U.S.-Russian talks conclude in Geneva
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21 January 2022
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Moscow, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, concluded talks today in Geneva on Russian proposals for security guarantees.

The dialogue seemed brief to some political analysts and media who were quick to warn about its short duration, barely one hour and 50 minutes, taking into account the large gaps in the issues to be addressed between the parties.

Speaking at a press conference after the meeting with Blinken, Lavrov noted that Russia´s experience in dealing with Western countries is replete with examples of failure to live up to its European security promises.

“In this, of course, our American colleagues, other Western European, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members, are not very good”, he said.

In response to another question from journalists, the Russian foreign minister noted that the situation in Ukraine requires special attention, but warned that the whole problem of European security cannot be reduced to that issue and assured that Moscow never threatened the people of that country.

According to the head of Russian diplomacy, the U.S Secretary of State expressed that he was satisfied with the exchange of points of view that they had during the meeting, which will help them to provide a written response next week.

On January 18, both officals, spoke by phone on the subject at the initiative of the White House and agreed to hold this meeting. The representatives of Moscow and Washington exchanged on the results of the dialogue between delegations of the two countries on January 10, in Geneva, and of the meeting of the Russia-NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Council on January 12, in Brussels.

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