US blockade affects the development of communications in Cuba

US blockade affects the development of communications in Cuba
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1 February 2022
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The communications sector is one of the most affected by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government against Cuba, causing damages in this important area to the whole Cuban society.

Agustin Chiong Aguilera, director of the territorial communications control office in Holguin(eastern Cuba), told Cuban News Agency in an exclusive interview that the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA by its Spanish acronym) is among the entities that suffer most of the damages caused by the blockade, with around 98 % of the total affected.

The hostile US policy, he pointed out, does not allow this entity to buy any technology that has more than 10 % of US technology or others that allow its implementation in Cuban territory, forcing it to acquire them through third countries, thus limiting the services of the island's main telecommunications operator.

It also restricts the use of support platforms for these services, preventing the expansion of access to the Internet and new technologies for Cubans, while the income lost from exports continues to be one of the main indicators of the blockade in the sector, as foreign suppliers cancel their contracts in Cuba for fear that their companies will be sanctioned.

On the other hand, the U.S. government suspended the postal service contract of the American Airlines company with the Cuban Postal Company, which increases the rates of reception and emission of parcels by having to redraw the routes from other countries to maintain these services.

The executive added that this also affects the development of computer applications and the improvement of Cubans due to the denial of access to Internet sites, which for most countries in the world are free, especially in times of pandemic, where digital platforms are a means and support for participation in virtual events and training of professionals.

Achieving technological sovereignty is a priority task in Cuba, as it is inherent to the daily life of today's society, to meet the needs of all social spheres, which generates a considerable increase in the quality of life of citizens, Chiong Aguilera concluded.

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