Uruguayan Senate Urged to Debate Euthanasia Bill

Uruguayan Senate Urged to Debate Euthanasia Bill
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22 June 2024
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The shelving of a bill on euthanasia in the Uruguayan Senate has raised complaints from organizations that defend the right to assisted death.

This was a reaction to the delayed debate of a proposed law that the ruling National Party’s bench decided to postpone.

The legislative project is being studied by the Senate Commission, which has not met for two months.

The organizations Empatia Uruguay and Muerte Asistida Digna Uruguay (MADU) issued a statement in which they expressed their ‘deep regret’ for the ‘lack of progress in the treatment of the draft bill,’ which was approved by the Chamber of Deputies and at the upper chamber in late 2022.

In a press release, both groups expressed concern about reports of ‘inadmissible interference by the executive branch over the senators of the National Party, urging them to prevent the draft bill from being debated at the plenary session of the Senate in this legislature.’

According to Empatia Uruguay and MADU, the debate on euthanasia, promoted by the Colorado Party and Frente Amplio, has become ‘partisan.’

They pointed out that this is an issue of dignity and rights, which transcends parties and beliefs and has broad popular support.


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