Central Cuba develops new health-related biotechnology projects

Central Cuba develops new health-related biotechnology projects
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20 June 2024
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Entrusted with research on and production of agro-biotechnological products, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in the province of Camagüey is working on groundbreaking projects for the benefit of health, according to Ruthdaly Segura Silva, a senior specialist with the Center’s Technological Development division.

The projects include studies on a new prostate cancer therapeutic vaccine found to reduce testosterone levels and therefore improve the patient’s quality of life, as well as products to fight hemorrhagic disease in rabbits, tick infection in pets, and sea lice in salmon, the latter in response to a request submitted by a foreign client.

Other projects are focused on improving the distinctive characteristics of coffee and diversify its flavor as requested by an Italian company that will market the product, a deal bound to provide new business opportunities for Cuba.

The CIGB in the province of Camagüey developed the vaccines Gavac—used against cattle ticks and exported to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela—and Porvac, which was first exported to Vietnam in 2023 and is the only one of its kind to fight and prevent the classical swine fever virus.

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