UK professors nominate Cuban doctors for Nobel Peace Prize

UK professors nominate Cuban doctors for Nobel Peace Prize
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25 November 2020
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University Professors Alpesh Maisuria and Matt Henn, from the United Kingdom, have nominated Cuba's Henry Reeve Medical Brigade for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, it was reported here on Tuesday.

According to a statement sent to Prensa Latina by Rob Miller, director of the Campaign for Solidarity with Cuba in the UK, both professors formalized their request in letters sent to the Norwegian Committee in charge of designating the winner of the Nobel Prize.

Henn highlighted that since the internationalist Henry Reeve Brigade was founded in 2005, thousands of doctors and health workers have treated over four million people around the world.

They have volunteered in 45 countries after natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, as well as the cholera and Ebola outbreaks. Its internationalism and humanism are truly inspiring, Trent, a Nottingham University Professor of Social Research, wrote.

On the other hand, Maisuria, who teaches Educational Policy at the University of the West of England, pointed out that in the context of growing hostility by the United States against Cuba, it would have been understandable that the Caribbean nation had put aside its internationalism to focus on its domestic troubles.



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