UK authorities racially profile 'Palestine Action' activists

UK authorities racially profile 'Palestine Action' activists
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6 February 2021
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Activists for Palestinian human rights are undergoing a harsh police crackdown by British authorities for their work, all after taking on one of Israel’s biggest arms companies and trying to stop them from operating in the UK.

Palestine Action, a UK-based group engaged in activism, has embarked upon a mission to shut down the Israeli-based Elbit Systems weapons manufacturer preventing it from operating in Britain.  The group's campaign targeting the weapons manufacturer includes obstructing entrances to their factories and using red paint, symbolizing the blood of Palestinians, to cover their buildings.

The latest action taken by the group was a joint effort alongside climate group Extinction Rebellion, to shut down Elbit Systems in Oldham, breaking into the country’s mainstream press.  The activities of Palestine Action have not gone unnoticed by the police however, with activists having been detained and them accusing the police of racially profiling them, intimidating them and even spying on them.

But the activists have not only experienced a police backlash, but also an online wave of censorship, leading to the removal of the group's official Facebook page.  But despite the crackdowns, the group continues to launch action in order to advocate for Palestinian human rights and shut down one of the main weapons manufacturers supplying the weapons to commit those crimes.

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