Team Cuba of the World Baseball Classic arrive in Miami

Team Cuba of the World Baseball Classic arrive in Miami
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16 March 2023
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Miami, March 16 (JIT) - Adrenaline is running high and grateful for the many expressions of support from the island and other parts of the world. This is how the team representing Cuba in the V World Baseball Classic arrived in Miami.

After celebrating in the Tokyo Dome itself the success of advancing to the semifinal, other signs of joy marked the beginning of the long flight from the Japanese capital, while athletes, coaches and managers followed up on the congratulatory messages generated by their performance.

"We are pleased to make our people happy and other people who enjoy what we have achieved, and with that motivation we will return to the field in Miami," said director Armando Johnson while reviewing the social networks.

Then, with the tensions of the success (4x3) over Australia already relieved, the need for rest imposed calm on the aircraft, which arrived in Florida in the early hours of Thursday morning amidst numerous expectations.

Reporters from several media outlets awaited the delegation outside the airport, where there was no shortage of questions unrelated to sports and workers and passengers asked to be photographed with the players.

The coaching staff decreed a day off for this day, which will be dedicated to complete the analysis in relation to the United States and Venezuela, from whose match their Sunday opponent will come out.

It has been decided that there will be no previous confrontation game, and in the next few hours the starter for an instance to which Cuba has not acceded since 2006, when it celebrated the subtitle in the founding edition of these games will be made official.

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