Syrian Armed Forces fight back terrorist offensive in Aleppo

Syrian Armed Forces fight back terrorist offensive in Aleppo
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24 March 2023
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Damascus, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) The Ministry of Defense of Syria announced that the Armed Forces repelled a terrorist offensive and eliminated foreign mercenaries in the province of Aleppo, some 400 km north of the capital.

According to the sources, the missile strikes hit points in the Harabesh neighborhood of the provincial capital near the military airport.

They confirmed that ambulances went to the bombed sites to evacuate the injured.

The US Department of Defense carried out precision strikes on several positions in east Syria that, according to claims, have been used by groups loyal to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

It added that these strikes were in response to a drone attack on an illegal US military base near Hasakah on Thursday. As a result, a US soldier died, and six others were injured.

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