Syria repels US soldiers and SDF militia (+Photo)

Syria repels US soldiers and SDF militia (+Photo)
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5 July 2022
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Damascus, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Activists and media outlets on Tuesday reported two actions against the US forces and their allied separatist militia Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northeastern province of Hasakeh.

The al-Suriya national TV network broadcast images of the soldiers and locals who fought againts a convoy of five armored vehicles of US troops that are deployed in this nation without the consent of its government or the approval of the United Nations.

This incident occurred in Al-Mujaibara town, where US soldiers were expelled from the area and had to return to their stations.

Moreover, there were several protests in the towns of Yusufiya and Al-Junaidah in the area of al-Remelan, where the locals blocked the main roads with tires and stones and chanted slogans against the SDF.


The SDF, mostly Kurdish, controls most of the al-Jazira region, rich in oil, and receives weapons, money and training from the US occupation forces.

Popular actions against that militia are increasing due to people’s outrage because of its criminal practices against Syrians and subservience to the United States, in addition to oil and crop thefts.

Meanwhile, Washington still has at least 12 enclaves, mostly in oil and gas fields, mainly in the al-Jazira region (east of the Euphrates River).

This illegal presence of US troops, according to denunciations, fosters terrorist and separatist activity and deprives the people of its natural resources because US soldiers and its allied extremist groups continue pillaging wheat and oil.

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