Suspect of invading Lula’s official residence identified

Suspect of invading Lula’s official residence identified
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24 February 2024
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The Federal Police (PF) of Brazil identified and heard the testimony of a man suspected of trying to invade the Alvorada Palace today, the official residence of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in this capital.

According to the PF, the individual was a resident of the region and tried to circumvent the security perimeter of the residence, as well as disobeyed the stop order.

Media outlets claim that shots were exchanged and they hit the subject’s car. The tires were also unable to pass the so-called Fakir Bed, a device with metal perforators to prevent vehicles from escaping.

The suspect fled to the official residence of Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, but was detained.

The police indicated that the vehicle that would have been used in the attempted break-in was seized.

Agents carry out tests on the car and the scene of the incident. The investigations are ongoing, the corporation reported in a statement.

Lula was at the official address at the time of the attempted invasion, but was not at risk.


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