Summer holidays in the UK come to a chaotic start

Summer holidays in the UK come to a chaotic start
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22 July 2022
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London, Jul 22 (Prensa Latina) The start of school holidays in the United Kingdom were marred by congestion on highways due to a protest against rising fuel prices and delays in boarding ferries in the port of Dover.

Demonstrations convened through social networks in demand of the elimination of sales tax on gasoline and diesel cover the main highways of the country.

According to the Sky News network, long lines of vehicles began to form on the M25, one of the arteries that bypasses London and connects with other cities in England and the Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick airports, behind a convoy of protesters driving at very low speeds.

Police in Somerset, southwest England, have advised drivers to assess whether they can change their travel plans, or else be prepared for delays.

Aside from protests against rising fuel prices, which hit 187.5 pence ($2.24) per liter of petrol and 196.1 pence ($2.35) per liter of diesel on Wednesday, the Dover Port Authority confirmed this Friday that there are delays of up to four hours to take the ferries to France.

The British television showed a huge congestion of vehicles in front of the border control booths in charge of the French immigration authorities.

Doug Bannister, CEO of the Port of Dover, blamed the French for the delay, saying the facility worked very hard for months to deal with the peak holiday season.

“We are deeply frustrated that the French border has proven unable to respond to the demand we predicted,” the official said in a statement.

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