Singapore's Muthu chain operates hotel in Cuba

Singapore's Muthu chain operates hotel in Cuba
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15 February 2021
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Havana, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) Singapore's MGM Muthu Hotels is operating an establishment in central-northern Cuba, on Cayo Guillermo, the company's board of directors informed on Monday.
A report published on the Buen Viaje a Cuba newsletter said that the establishment is the Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo Hotel, which is operating in Jardines del Rey a month before its official inauguration in April.

The five-star all-inclusive hotels in on Playa Pilar and will initially operate with 425 of its 500 rooms, until its construction is completed.

The hotel, owned by the Cuban group Gaviota, has increased Jardines del Rey's accommodation capacity to 8,400 rooms in 18 hotels.

The Singapore-based MGM Muthu Hotels will soon operate a second four-star 385-room hotel in Cuba, in Varadero beach, the Cuban hotel chain Gran Caribe informed. jg/jcm/rfc

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