SHORT CHRONICLES: Respect for the Rights of Others

SHORT CHRONICLES: Respect for the Rights of Others
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19 January 2022
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Opposite a bus-stop in Villa Panamericana, two young men walked by hand in hand. A mature man who was waiting next to what seemed to be his wife addressed those who were there:

-I hope they are brothers, or at least cousins. If not, we should call the police.

-What’s the crime? a girl asked.

-Public scandal! Indecency on public roads!

-I see that you are holding your lady's hand. Are they going to accuse you of public scandal?

-It's not the same: she's my wife! It’s natural. The other thing is unnatural.

-Says who?

- The law says so!

- An old woman who until then had remained silent began to laugh:

-You have to read the law well! And respect to be respected!

-Now they will be able to kiss in public like everyone else.

-I wish I had my love partner here right now. I was going to kiss her to see if you were going to call the police. I have been living with a woman for thirty years. And very proud! exclaimed the lady.

A group of high school students applauded enthusiastically.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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