Russian Film Festival in Cuba opens with modern movies

Russian Film Festival in Cuba opens with modern movies
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4 April 2024
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The Russian Film Festival in Cuba begins in this capital's leading movie theaters on Wednesday to offer four-day modern movies.

At the height of the Seventh Art event in Havana, new perspectives for bilateral cultural cooperation will be presented from April 3 to 7 in one of the most expected cultural events in the context of that Russian-Cuban collaboration.

The festival is organized by the audiovisual company Roskino, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cuban Film Fund. It aims to promote the best modern Russian cinema in Cuba.

The program consists of free screenings of films like the drama “Air” (2023) by Alexei German Jr; “Challenge” (2023), the first film in history shot in space directed by Klim Shipenko; the fairy tale “Wish of the Fairy Fish” (2023) by Alexandr Voytinsky; and the comedy “Cheburashka” (2023) by Dmitry Dyachenko. They will be screened at Havana’s Yara and Acapulco movie theaters.

The sports drama “World Champion” (2021) by Alexei Sidorov, the melodrama “I Take a Step” (2023) by Olga Akatieva, and the disaster film “Bullfinch” (2023) by Boris Khlebnikov will also be screened.

A special screening of the fairy tale “Wish of the Fairy Fish” will take place at the Russian Embassy’s cinema hall in the Republic of Cuba on April 5.

Russian Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova stated that introducing the Russian Film Festival 2024 in Cuba is a pleasure.

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