Russia lashes out at France, Germany to threats from Ukraine

Russia lashes out at France, Germany to threats from Ukraine
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26 October 2021
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Moscow, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman María Zajárova on Tuesday turned the spotlight on Germany and France´s stance in the face of threats of missile attacks by Ukraine.
Zajárova said that Berlin and Paris should assess such stance during the negotiation process in the Normandy format, which along with the Trilateral Contact Group, is the major platform for consultations to seek solution for Kiev-Donbass clashes.

The Russian spokeswoman pointed out that French and German stances leaves questions, according to Russian Foreign Ministry´s official website. She considered that France and Germany do not react to the fact that Kiev is 'openly plotting' the 2015 Minsk Protocols to put an end to clashes in eastern Ukraine 'and has now sunk to the point that it began to openly threaten Russia'.

Ms. Zajárova called on German and French authorities, 'who urge for holding new meetings in the Normandy format,' to assess the impact of direct threats from Ukraine on negotiation progresses.

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