Protesters in Chile call on the Gov't to release prisoners

Protesters in Chile call on the Gov't to release prisoners
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31 October 2020
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Demands for the release of hundreds of people, mostly young, still in prison after the social outburst of October, 2019, are gaining momentum today in Chile after the Oct.25 referendum.

On Friday, hundreds of people clashed with police forces in the central Plaza de la Dignidad (Baquedano), where they went to protest for the liberation of those prisoners, most of whom are young people held in custody since then, who have not committed offenses that justify that measure.

During the demonstration, where clashes between protesters and a police contingent lasted for hours, the police tried to repel them with water jets and tear gas, and at least a score of people were arrested.

Alicia Lira, president of the Association of Relatives of Executed Politicians, on talking to Prensa Latina, said that the Oct.25 referendum was an achievement of the popular movement that demonstrated on the streets for months, demonstrations staged by many of those who are still in prison.

Among many initiatives, legislators of several opposition parties presented this week a bill of reparations and compensation for the victims of state violence who suffered the violation of their human rights.

Meanwhile, the legislators of the Communist Party in Congress called for an amnesty for prisoners from the mass demonstrations. Broad Front (Frente Amplio) parties also spoke about this.

The government, on the other hand, rejects any measure of this kind, and Spokesman Minister Jaime Bellolio said that criminal legislation stipulates sanctions for those people, and pardoning them would mean validating violence.


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