Producciones Abdala, Partying at Cubadisco 2023

Producciones Abdala, Partying at Cubadisco 2023
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21 April 2023
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Holding 10 nominations for the Cubadisco awards, Producciones Abdala celebrates its 25th anniversary. By the way, in dialogue with CubaSí, the Communication Specialist of that important record company, Roxana Rodríguez, said:

"Of the 11 productions presented, we have 10 nominations and a special award, in this case, an award for research, for the CD "Dos pueblos y un solo corazón", by the Rondalla Típica Cubana. This was a very hard job, because it’s a group of descendants of Canarians in Cuba and they have been collecting the heritage that has been preserved from what the synthesis between the Canarian and Cuban cultures has done, it’s a very beautiful result what they have achieved. That album is a combined work between Unicornio label and the CIDMUC and the production was in charge of the director of the Typical Cuban Rondalla, Marcos Prawl.

After that, Roxana mentioned each of the nominated works: "XXI Bienaventuranzas, by José María Vitier together with Niurka González, which appears in four categories: chamber music, making off, controlled ambient sound design and record notes, which were in charge of Martha Valdés; the design cover was by Orestes Ávila and the making was directed by Lester Hamlet.

"The CD "Como la alondra", by Gretel Cazón, was nominated in the categories of song and graphic design, which was in charge of Ricardo Monnar. Gretel returns with this genre, rescuing important themes of the Cuban and Latin American culture. The production was of Gastón Joya.

"We also have, in the dance music category, the albums "Fresco" by La Tabla and "Saldando deudas", by maestro Joaquín Betancourt and his Joven Jazz Band. In anthology and versions, "Rapsodia para mi ciudad" by the Provincial Concert Band of Ciego de Ávila".

The representative of Abdala Productions affirmed: "we’re very happy, because we had a very small production because of all the economic difficulties that also affect the industry, so we are happy with the result achieved with such a small number of productions."

The Abdala recording studios, recently remodeled, will be the space for a large part of the celebrations for the first 25 years of this cultural institution that has two record labels, Colibrí and Presto, among other services.

"We have planned a program of activities that includes very specific actions, we were developing a workshop on good practices for musicians in social networks, it was, to a certain extent, to make them aware of what’s happening with digital marketing and the role of artists as natural influencers and how they can use that for promotion. We are also going to present a podcast called Abdala in 25, which will be updating on what’s happening with Producciones Abdala and with the music industry in the world, a bit of history. In addition, we will launch a contest for young composers, focused mainly on ISA and ENA students. The objective is to promote their work, encourage and support them, since the prize would be the recording and marketing of the winning song", said Roxana.

Guided tours on the studios, mainly intended for cultural tourism, with the chance to "meet the musicians, see the production process, go through areas such as the restoration service, which is provided to anyone who wants to recover an old record", everything is integrated into these days of celebration, commented the communicator:

"During this month of April and in May we are going to present some of the productions that we take to Cubadisco and we are going to close with a great concert where we want to share with friends and celebrate what have been 25 years of hard work and keeping our works".

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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