President of Bolivia reiterates his commitment to the people

President of Bolivia reiterates his commitment to the people
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4 December 2020
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La Paz, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Luis Arce reiterated the commitment of his government and the Movement to Socialism (MAS) to the people who elected him by solid majority in the October 18th elections.
Arce shared a series of tweets confirming the will of his administration to comply with his campaign proposals. He also recalled that he received a country in ruins due to the mismanagement of the government of Jeanine Añez.

'When we returned to the government, a few weeks ago, we found an absolutely bankrupt state, without resources. Where is the money that we had left? We still do not know. What we do know is that we are going to comply with everything that we have committed to with the people,' Arce tweeted.

The President spoke of the various initiatives that his administration is promoting, especially in economic matters, such as the payment of the Bond against hunger, the incentive to domestic tourism, and the delivery of works aimed at reactivating the sector.

'We resumed public investment to be able to generate jobs, works, economic growth and comply with the companies that work properly,' explained the president regarding the delivery of a school in Cochabamba.

The day before, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Marcelo Montenegro, announced that the country intends to return to the path of growth based on public investment and the redistribution of wealth through the delivery of aid bonds, among other measures.

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