President Arce calls for unity among social organizations in Bolivia

President Arce calls for unity among social organizations in Bolivia
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16 October 2022
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La Paz, October 16 (RHC)-- Bolivian President Luis Arce called on Saturday for the unity of the country's social organizations to confront the reorganization actions of the right-wing coup plotters who seek to destabilize the national government.

During the inaugural act of the Departmental Enlarged of the Unique Union Federation of Peasant Workers of the department of Oruro, in the coliseum of the municipality Santiago de Huari, the president stressed the importance of preserving the unity to defeat the coup attempts, as well as to respect the statutes within the social organizations.

"(...) (The right wing) has been doing it, they have been trying to (divide) us with many of our brothers, but we have seen a lot of political maturity to understand the real problem and face it properly", said the head of state.

President Luis Arce warned that the right-wing sectors want to show their strength and assured that his government seeks to work, produce and demand peace to face the adversities imposed by the current international context.

He recalled that they are also working to overcome the internal economic crisis in which the de facto government of Jeanine Áñez left the country, and which was supported by the current governor of the department of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho.

The Bolivian president referred to the conflict in Ukraine and specified that its negative effects began to be felt in the country, with the increase in the price of fertilizers, products of the agrochemical industry and other inputs of the agricultural and industrial sectors.

"This tends to become more acute, this tends to remain for longer than initially estimated in the world. But this international context is now worsened in our country when the old coup right wing has once again shown its claws, it has once again reorganized itself wanting to destabilize the national government", he explained.

In recent days, Governor Camacho, together with the Pro Santa Cruz Committee headed by Rómulo Calvo, threatened the Government with an indefinite strike starting next October 21 if it does not bring forward to 2023 the date of the Population Census, scheduled for 2024.

These right-wing sectors have refused to participate in dialogue processes on the subject before international organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Center (CELADE) and Bolivian social organizations.

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