Patients with kidney damage are vaccinated in Cuba

Patients with kidney damage are vaccinated in Cuba
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21 July 2021
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The director of the Institute of Nephrology, Guillermo Guerra, on Tuesday informed that the vaccination process against Covid-19 in patients with kidney problems is progressing favorably in Cuba.

On speaking at Cuban television, Guerra pointed out that all of them can be immunized but there are exclusion criteria for those who are in an acute stage of the disease or are allergic to thiomersal.

Guerra noted that the second dose of the Abdala vaccine, the first Cuban immunogen approved against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, will be administered shortly.

The expert reiterated that once all three doses of the vaccine have been administered, those people should maintain the hygienic sanitary measures such as the correct use of facemasks, frequent hand washing, physical distancing and avoiding crowds.

People with advanced chronic kidney disease have a higher risk of suffering from the Covid-19 consequences, as well as those with moderate chronic kidney disease.

If healthy citizens can catch the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, they can debut with kidney problems, Guerra warned.

He emphasized that transplant recipients and hemodialysis patients should protect themselves in the same way as the rest of the population.

Covid-19 circulates in the blood and passes through the kidneys as well as the elements that are part of the inflammation, and in that process the organ can be damaged, explained Guerra, who emphasized that all nephrology services in Cuba are vital.

The Cuban nephrologist pointed out that long before the outbreak of pandemic in Cuba, the institute had already created a team to research the relationship between Covid-19 and that medical specialty.

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