The pain in the neck, again

The pain in the neck, again
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8 April 2020
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The US government repeats endlessly that Cuba’s medical collaboration with other countries is based on the abuse of thousands of health professionals.

They work as slaves. They are slaves — that’s what the US Department of State believes.

According to some officials, the reason why so many health professionals offer their help to other nations is the government’s urgent need for profits.

Doctors, nurses, and technicians are, in any case, victims of a political game where they are just pawns, and their will is basically ignored —they say.

A lot of medical brigades Cuba has sent throughout the years have been cost-free for nations that have benefited from such aid…But Washington likes to play the innocent with this fact.

If not paid, then it is just propaganda.

They have never been interested in analyzing the impact of those brigades in those nations’ healthcare systems. It has been displayed crystal-clear: but they do not check statistics.

How many people are checked? How many patients are healed? What is the impact on their healthcare system?

But beyond statistics, which are cold figures: how can you “politicize” a life you save?

Those apologists of the US government (their employer, obviously) are just interested in finding out how much Cuba is paid by this service.

Now, amid the worst health emergency in recent years, they go over the same issue again.

They threat sovereign governments and urge them to “revise” their agreements with Havana.

They lobby.

They offend.

They threaten.

Meanwhile, unaware of this messy world of politics, thousands of people die every day amid the collapse of several healthcare systems.

The US government is more concerned about the pain in its neck — the Cuban medical brigade — than the work they are doing to ease the pain of several nations right now.

Cuba does not push those nations to “accept” Cuban doctors.

These nations are the ones requesting our service.

And leaving aside logistics and standard protocols: the ovations with which Cuban health professionals are welcomed in every nation prove they are pretty much loved.

Cuba takes absolute care of its citizens (despite its tough economical situation).

Strong preventive measures have been adopted and proper medical care is guaranteed to every individual affected.

No government has paid a dime.

A lot of countries have leaned on Cuba’s solidarity.

In recent weeks, 500 Cuban health professionals have traveled abroad to fight Covid-19.

These doctors add up to the thousands of health collaborators already doing their job in more than 60 countries.

Crystal clear: many governments in the world do not line up with the US approach on this subject.

With all due respect, the US government shall take care of their own health issues, which are particularly complex.

The work done by Cuba’s health personnel — both domestic and abroad — is the result of a profound sense of service and shared human values.

In times of crisis, this work is paramount.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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