Outstanding Cuban Expert in Biomedical Sciences is Welcomed in Italy

Outstanding Cuban Expert in Biomedical Sciences is Welcomed in Italy
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28 October 2023
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Dr. Gerardo Guillén, director of Biomedical Research at Cuba's Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), was welcomed on Friday at the “Lazzaro Spallanzani” National Institute of Infectious Diseases (INMI) of Italy.

Guillén, who is also secretary of the CIGB Scientific Council, an honorary member of the Cuban Society of Immunology and a winner of more than 50 Annual Awards from the Cuban Academy of Sciences, is in this country at the invitation of the Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association (ANAIC), and will develop a broad work agenda.

During the visit to the “Lázaro Spallanzani” INMI, coordinated by Ambassador Mirta Granda, the Cuban expert was accompanied by the counselor and second head of that diplomatic mission, Damián Delgado, and ANAIC President Marco Papacci.

Present at the meeting on the Italian side were Dr. Enrico Girardi, INMI Scientific Director; Dr. Pietro Scanzano, Medical Director; Dr. Fabrizio Maggi, Director of Virology; Dr. Fabrizio Palmieri, Director of the Infectious Diseases of the Respiratory System Unit, and Dr. Carla Fontana, Director of Microbiology.

Guillén spoke about the work done by the CIGB in the research, development, production and marketing of biotechnological applications and preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic biopharmaceutical products for the biomedical, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Dr. Girardi, in turn, referred to the importance of exchanges with Cuban researchers, particularly at present, when various diseases from tropical countries such as zica, chikungunya and dengue are affecting Italy.

He explained that “while for us dengue is an emerging problem, for them (Cubans) it is a very widespread infection,” and noted that “precisely for this reason, their studies on vaccines are interesting.”

“We are also analyzing the immune response to natural infections and on the vaccines that will soon be available in Italy,” he noted.

“In confronting this and other infections transmitted by mosquitoes, we can create an important synergy and exchange of information,” Dr. Girardi added.

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