The Ordering Task Defends Social Justice, but not Egalitarianism

The Ordering Task Defends Social Justice, but not Egalitarianism
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15 March 2021
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President Miguel Díaz-Canel stressed that the economic and monetary reform underway in Cuba defends social justice but not egalitarianism.

This he stressed in a meeting of the Council of Ministers that evaluated the progress of the so-called Ordering Task, implemented since January 1, when the monetary and exchange unification came into force and other measures to stimulate the economy and address distortions.

March can be a month of consolidation, of getting closer to order in its purest, most transparent expression, said the head of state, according to Granma newspaper.

At the meeting, headed by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, the Cuban president urged more participation to experts in the crucial issues facing the Caribbean nation.

'Life has told us that none of us has the absolute truth, we have to work more and more as a team, we have to consult more and more the knowledge of experts,' he stressed.

Díaz-Canel commented on issues that failed in this process, among these the managers' training in charge of the implementation of the Ordering Task.

He also criticized what was described by Granma as irresponsible treatment of certain issues that were well designed, such as the case of the high prices imposed on workers' canteens.

We cadres have to be concerned about everything that affects the Revolution', and we have to be restless, upset about what has been badly done, active and sensible to the problems of the population, stressed the president.

During the meeting, it was informed that more than 52,790 people have found employment in the course of this process since January. Sixty-two percent were in the state sector, and the rest in other forms of management.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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