No response by Syrian air defense to Israel's attack explained

No response by Syrian air defense to Israel's attack explained
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15 October 2021
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Damascus, Oct 15 (Prensa Latina) The Israeli planes that on Wednesday attacked with missiles points in central Syria used passenger aircraft to protect themselves from air defense fire, it was reported on Friday.
Four F-16 fighters entered Syrian airspace in the Tanef area, occupied by troops from the United States, and attacked a phosphate processing plant near the Palmyra region, as announced by Rear Admiral Alexander Vadim Kulit, deputy director of the Russian Coordination Center at the Hemeimim base in Latakia province.

He explained that the Syrian military high command decided not to activate antiaircraft defense systems because at the time of the attack two passenger planes were in the area.

The officer denied all reports that speak of unsuccessful attempts by the Syrian air defense shield near the town of Palmyra to repel the Israeli missile attack.

According to previous reports, the Israeli army endangered several civilian flights and even used them as defense shields to carry out air strikes against Syria.

In February this year, an Airbus A320 passenger plane, with 172 people on board, was forced, due to an Israeli attack, to make an emergency landing at Hemeimim air base, before flying on to Damascus.

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