New violent actions identified for a soft coup in Cuba

New violent actions identified for a soft coup in Cuba
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8 December 2020
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Calls in social media to induce violence against public tranquility and peace are ingredients of the soft coup being promoted from the United States against Cuba.

On Monday evening, Cuban television showed examples of social media broadcasts encouraging demonstrations and advising on how to stage protests in places that would elicit international attention, such as European embassies on the island.

One example included a video by Ileana Hernández, spokesperson for Cibercuba, a fake news outlet about the island. She assured that Donald Trump's victory in his re-election bid would imply the end of the  Cuban government since he would put more sanctions against the Caribbean nation.

In Hernández's opinion, the Democrat Joe Biden would ease relations with the island, and 'the opposition would suffer more because it would have less support' and therefore less could be achieved.

Cuban television also aired a video where this person recognizes the US Embassy's link and support for subversive plans against the Cuban State.

It also showed videos and publications of Cubans living in US territory who contacted via Internet people with criminal records to commit violent actions in exchange for money.

The TV segment showed accounts by Alejandro Cesaire and Manuel Arias, who acknowledged their links with these people and committed vandalism in different locations in Havana.

Another example was given by the accused Jose Osmani Bauta and Francisco Felipe, who received instructions to murder two law enforcement officers in exchange for a thousand pesos each.

These actions of the soft coup are based on information or disinformation and the creation of scenarios, they reiterated on Cuban television.

The TV report stressed that the incitements to violence, the calls for demonstrations, and the disqualification of dialogue are part of a script that has been applied on the island for several days.

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