IN THE NETWORKS: Cuba Became a Song in November

IN THE NETWORKS: Cuba Became a Song in November
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7 December 2021
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November has been a month of a lot of Cuba-related activity on social networks. There were frustrated expectations and news conveniently forgotten by some habitual "managers" of the Cuban topic, like the sit-in of the Red Scarves and the impressive tribute of young people to Fidel or the traditional march of November 27th, for which hundreds of thousands of students from Havana took to the streets.

As promised in one of the hashtag that went viral among Cubans, they didn’t spoil the party for us. In fact, no vandalism, no riot; what has been reported in the second half of November are songs.

Troubadour Nelson Valdés and the group Arnaldo Rodríguez y Talismán performed in different Havana neighborhoods last week.

Old Havana danced with the Talisman. People demonstrated in the street with all the joy they can’t forgive us, or take away from us.

From the University of Matanzas, Buena Fe duo overshadowed any hateful attempt with music.

And Raúl Torres, the author of Candil de Nieve, Regresamelo Todo, Cabalgando con Fidel, Desbloquéame and Patria o Muerte por la vida, began a tour on penitentiaries.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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