Nelson Valdés Raised His Voice in Fine Arts Museum

Nelson Valdés Raised His Voice in Fine Arts Museum
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30 May 2024
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The public from the capital had the opportunity this Saturday to enjoy the talent of singer-songwriter Nelson Valdés in his concert "Alzar la Voz" that took place in the theater of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The release of the Cienfuegos artist's latest album featured production by José Manuel García Suárez and Carlos Ernesto Varona Velázquez, with the musical direction and arrangements of the latter, who also accompanied the artist on the electric guitar. Yanner Rascón was on the piano, Hernán Cortés Jr. on the drums and Osniel Regal, "El Moro", as bass player.

Alex Pimienta, representing Oralitura Habana and Kíkiri Cisneros, participated as special guests in the show. Also joining this festival of the author's song were the troubadour Jesús Ricardo and Miguel Díaz-Canel Jr.

From different indigenous Cuban musical genres, Nelson Valdés defended songs such as "Alzar la Voz", "La patria misma", "Ana", "Vamos ya" and "Cruzando el Río".

Minutes before the end of the concert, the singer-songwriter expressed his special thanks to BisMusic record label for recording this concert as a DVD, which will be part of the audiovisual memory of this record label.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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