More than 11 thousand delegates were elected in municipal elections in Cuba

More than 11 thousand delegates were elected in municipal elections in Cuba
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28 November 2022
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The president of Cuba's National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro reported Monday that 11,502 Cubans were elected as delegates of constituencies during the first round of the municipal elections of the People's Power held the day before.

According to the official, five million 728,220 voters exercised their right to vote, representing 68.58 percent of the more than eight million 300 thousand summoned to the polls, which demonstrated the popular support for their representatives and their confidence in the Revolution.

"Of the total number of ballots cast, 89.11 percent were valid, 5.22 percent were blank and 5.67 percent were void," she explained.

She also informed that 925 precincts will go to a second round next Sunday, as none of the candidates reached 50 percent of the votes.

Balseiro pointed out that 43.87 percent of those elected are women, while 12.52 percent are young people, according to this preliminary report, which will be certified by the CEN together with the electoral registry.

These are the first elections after the restructuring of the Cuban electoral system and the enactment of a new electoral law under the Magna Carta, approved in 2019. (Source: PL)

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