Mijaín López: Double Runner of Olympic Torch in Paris?

Mijaín López: Double Runner of Olympic Torch in Paris?
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26 October 2021
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Mijaín is a "galaxy animal", I remember I renamed him after seeing his practice, his 1.96 meters’ height, and 130 kg "standing" in the middle of the mat like an impregnable tower, his opponents fall like Autumn "leaves"... and sweating all over his muscles with great honor.

Paris has an undeniable shine. No wonder it’s known as the City of Light. Mijaín López, the best wrestler in history, left a door ajar on Sunday about the possibility of granting his shine to Parisian mats in 2024.

During the gala of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), held on the island of Crete, Greece, where he deserved to be awarded in the Outstanding Performance category, due to obtaining his fourth gold medal in Tokyo and the way he did it, the ebony giant from Herradura did not completely close his page as a Greco-Roman gladiator active in the arena.

 … “To get to my sixth Olympic Games you have to think about it, because I would arrive at age 42 and I think I should retire with a blast, not with a poor image. That’s why I’m meditating, if I feel fine, I will surely go” ...

Said the giant from Herradura, Pinar del Río, who was awarded by Neven Ilic, president of Panam Sports, becoming the first Cuban athlete awarded in an ANOC ceremony, whose first edition of recognitions dates from 2014.

“I was very happy, it’s a very special recognition, not only for me but for all those who were awarded. We are the Olympus and we deserve this, "said Mijaín in a video released by organizers of the ceremony.

“I’m very proud of the results I have attained. Today I have been recognized for all the effort I’ve done in my sports career. Telling young people that whoever wants to be great in sports should only move forward, love what they do, respect the coaches and all those close to them", Mijain said in his statements, with the same confidence with which he has won on the mats since 2005.

His performance has been exceptional in the Olympic Games he has participated only showing defeats against Russian Kazhan Baroev in Athens 2004, and in the world final of Guangzhou 2006; and against the Turkish Ryza Kayaalp in the definitions of Istanbul 2011 and Las Vegas 2015. Losses "avenged" in many other occasions by our fearsome gladiator, who shows a higher balance of wins against all the defeats he has faced in the arena.

Olympic Lightning Visor

Just to get a glimpse on how good Mijain has been in Olympic Games, in Japan, his fifth incursion in these appointments, he won undefeated, with no points against, as in London 2012, and Rio de Janeiro 2016. Now in Tokyo, he scored 24 points in favor without taking any against, including two technical superiorities in his four matches. His most difficult match, the semifinals, where he beat Turkish Ryza Kayaalp, his everlasting "opponent", 2-0, whom he said goodbye with a hug and a fatherly kiss on the head... was part of my description of his Japanese competition.

I watch over and over every match of Mijaín in the Olympic Games. It's hard for me to find the exact words to describe it. When one faces a "demigod" it’s difficult to equal that. Mijaín, ladies and gentlemen has scored 54 points in favor with no points against since London 2012, to which he adds another huge 24-3 ratio at Beijing 2008. Right there he began to string his unrivaled path in Olympic Games.

I confess that it will not be easy at all that he remains in his best shape for competition with the possibility of attending Paris. He must undergo a strict and well-planned training that anticipates in these three years, when the metabolism is not the same, with the body weight; avoid injuries to attend some international competitive scenarios, very few, like in the 2016-2021 cycle, that allow him to calibrate again the main opponents of his division; and finish the rest in Cerro Pelado with his relay, one of notorious quality like Oscar Pino, almost full grown already and with sports mastery; Ángel Pacheco, Keldis Josef, and the promising Jeisser Sampsom.

Therefore, surely I, like any sports lovers everywhere, like practically every Cuban, will be counting the minutes, to see if, after three years in 2024, there’s an exchange of light between the Parisian glamor and the shine worked by Mijaín López.

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