Mexico receives 2nd group of Cuban doctors for virus help

Mexico receives 2nd group of Cuban doctors for virus help
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25 April 2020
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Another group of Cuban doctors has arrived in Mexico to help with the coronavirus outbreak, the second such delegation the country has welcomed.

Assistant Health Secretary Hugo López-Gatell said Friday that the Cuban doctors who arrived a day earlier were invited by Mexico City authorities to bolster health care amid rising COVID-19 case numbers. He said the federal government approved of the city's decision.

The group reportedly included about 140 Cuban doctors. The first group arrived in early April. At that time, federal authorities said the Cubans would not be involved in direct patient care, and López-Gatell said Friday that the new group would act as advisers. He said some of the Cuban doctors were experts in public health and intensive care.

López-Gatell said Mexico has a shortfall of about 200,000 health care professionals, including doctors, nurses and other positions. In addition, about 2,000 health care workers have been infected with the coronavirus in Mexico since the pandemic began.

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